Cassell Coliseum Roof Repairs

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Project Name

Cassell Coliseum Repairs
  • This project is a component of the Athletic Facilities Renovation project. Work includes the repair of the roof structural system and the replacement of the existing roof. In addition, the interior HVAC units will be repaired and the lighting system will be replaced.


  • The original scope of the project is complete. Remaining funds are being used for exterior concrete restoration. Work is complete.

Project Information

Project Title Cassell Coliseum Repairs
Building Number 187
Project Manager John Beach
Planning, Design & Construction
540 231-5245
Architect/Engineer HDH Associates, P.C.
Salem, VA
General Contractor Allen R. Neely Co., Inc.
Narrows, VA
Gross Square Footage N/A
No. of Stories (Bldg. Ht.) N/A
Project Budget $3,335,000
Project Completion Nov-97

Conceptual Drawings

  • None for projects completed before June 30, 2009.

Project Photos

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Contractor Schedule


  • Completed

Project information and photos provided by Planning, Design and Construction.

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