Materials Management Facility (Hazardous Waste Fac.)

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Project Name

Materials Management Facility
  • This project will construct a facility to manage, store, and process hazardous waste for disposal.


  • Project is substantially complete.

Project Information

Project Title Materials Management Facility
Building Number 461
Project Manager Patrick Hilt
Planning, Design & Construction
540 231-6449
Architect/Engineer Wiley & Wilson
Lynchburg, Virginia
General Contractor G & H Contracting
Salem, Virginia
Gross Square Footage 7.500
No. of Stories (Bldg. Ht.) 1
Project Budget $3,500,000
Project Completion Fall - 2010

Conceptual Drawings

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Project Photos

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Contractor Schedule


Project information and photos provided by Planning, Design and Construction.

Contact Patrick Donohoe for photo use permissions.

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