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Project Name

Residential Hall Connectivity (Wireless network in residence halls)
  • The project provides for installing the necessary components for wireless network transmission speeds up to 850 megabits per second through approximately 2,000 wireless access points in 38 residence halls. The project will also update the residential wired network infrastructure to accommodate the increased demand on the network from wireless devices.


  • This project is being managed by Virginia Tech Network Infrastructure and Services (NI&S). Much of the work is anticipated to be completed by the start of the 2015 Fall Semester. Any remaining work will be completed by the start of the 2016 Spring Semester.
  • Work is underway this summer to bring comprehensive, high-performance, wireless network coverage to Virginia Tech’s residence halls.
  • See link; for information about the NI&S page/article and the building transition status table. At the bottom of that page users will find information about *not* using personal wireless routers in halls with university Wi-F and, about using consumer-grade Ethernet switches, if desired.

Project Information

Project Title Residential Hall Connectivity
Building Number Varies
Project Manager PM/PC
University Design & Construction
540 231-6449
Architect/Engineer N/A
General Contractor N/A
Gross Square Footage ####
No. of Stories (Bldg. Ht.) #
Project Budget $4,000,000
LEED Certification Level N/A
Project Completion January 2016

Conceptual Drawings

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Project Photos

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Contractor Schedule


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Project information and photos provided by Planning, Design and Construction.

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